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Rifle & Pistol Insight - what it does for you . . .


Calculates and displays the true average spread and POI . . .

Graphics show:

  • Average point of impact (POI) indicated by the green cross. Shown numerically as -0.272" to the left of the aim point and 1.062" above. The green graticule indicates the point of aim (POA).

  • Average horizontal and vertical spread indicated by the green rectangle. Shown numerically as 0.850" and 0.371" respectively.

  • Average radius indicated by the green circle. Shown numerically as 0.729".


Calculates and displays the traditionally used extreme spreads . . . 

Graphics show:

  • Red diagonal line shows the extreme spread that is calculated as 3.3"

  • Red rectangle shows the extreme horizontal and vertical spread that are calculated as 3.15" and 1.185" respectively.

  • Red circle is the maximum radius about the average POI that is calculated as 1.745".



Calculates and displays the "string" measurements used in black powder events . . .

Graphics show:

  • The green graticule shows the point of aim (POA).

  • Orange lines  from the POA to the bullet holes show individual "string" distances.

  • The results panel shows the total string distance, the maximum and average as 13.112", 2.567" and 1.311" respectively. 





(c) Dr A C Jones