Rifle & Pistol group size analysis . . .

Free to use online version . . .

How it works.

The free to use version is an Applet that runs like other web browser add-ins. For it to run Java must be installed. The first steps below are to ensure the correct version of Java is present. 

What it does.

It works just like the standalone programme. Digital photographs are loaded in from your computer and results stored back to disk. Results can be printed. All data resides on your computer, the programme resides on the web. No personal information is passed back from your computer.


Steps for using the online version . . . .

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Configure your browser and computer.

When the programme is launched a built in security request will appear. Select "Yes" or "Always". This is needed to allow the programme access to your computer to load and save data.

Launch programme.
Open help file.

Start the download in a new browser window.

The help file opens in a new browser window.


Help! Possible problems once running


Required hardware.

PC running Windows98 or Windows XP family (XP-home, XP-pro, Win 2000). 

256MB RAM minimum, 512MB preferred.

Display resolution 1280 x 1024 preferred.

Processor speed: Depends on the size/resolution of the image being processed and complexity of the image being analysed.   

Software issues.

Version 1.0 Initial public release! Coming one year after Shotgun-Insight, Rifle & Pistol Insight version 1.0 has proven absolutely stable! Wow! A software first!



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