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Rifle & Pistol Insight - why it's so easy to use!

  • Rifle and Pistol Insight has been designed to make target analysis as quick as possible and includes features to help make sure shooters spend more time shooting and less time doing sums! 


Very easy to enter the scale of the picture . . .

Setting the image scale:

  • Use the mouse to drag the green arrow markers to known horizontal and vertical distances.

  • Enter the known distances into the text boxes.

  • Drag the graticule to indicate the point of aim.

  • That's it!


The software even corrects for photographic errors . . . 

How to correct for a digital picture that was accidentally rotated:

  • Drag the green distance markers to the true horizontal and vertical known distances.

  • That's it!  . . . . Rifle & Pistol Insight automatically corrects for up to 5-degress of rotational error and calculates all the statistics no problem!

(Note how the spread graphics rotate in sympathy with the scale markers.)



Allows adding of notes just like paper targets . . .

How to add notes to the archived image:

  • When you come back to an image in a year or two's time you'll maybe wonder why some holes were left out of the analysis. 

  • Adding manual notes is easy - a couple of mouse clicks, type the notes and that's it.





(c) Dr A C Jones