Setting up your browser & computer to use the Insight software . . .

Some advanced features of the web browser need to be enabled . . .


This provides some simple interactivity on the web page. In this case it is used to help test whether the browser has been configured correctly.


Confusingly, Java is nothing to do with JavaScript! Java is a heavyweight computer language that was used to write the Insight software. Java support files may need to be downloaded to allow the Insight software to run - this applies whether the online or standalone version is used.  

Steps for using the online version . . . .

Enable JavaScript.

Use a compatible browser.

Windows: Version 6 or later of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator are recommended. 

Macintosh: OS-X with Safari has been tested by users and appears to work EXCEPT for printing. UPDATE: For Mac OS-X 10.4 "Tiger" users an update to Java is available that should enable printing. Click here for the download link and instructions from Apple.


Enable Java.

Java Version 1.4.1 or later supplied by Sun Microsystems is needed.



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