Shotgun-Insight 'Perfect' Pattern Generator (Why use it?)

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(c) Written by A C Jones



Why use the "perfect pattern generator"?

This little programme is useful beyond its first impression!

To get a feel for how the 75% spread diameter relates to real spreads: My very open skeet gun gives a spread of ~27" at 21yds. My sporter with a "tight 1/2" choke gives a range of spreads of 17"-21" at 25yds depending on the shell. A good full choke trap gun can deliver 26-27" 75% spread diameters at 40yds.

Why use this 75% spread diameter rather then the historically used "pattern efficiency"? Firstly, pattern efficiency is not much use once the figure goes above 90% and once a pattern is at 100% pattern efficiency the measure ceases to be any use at all. If one looks at standard tables, at 20yds the pattern efficiency of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and Full is given as 100% even though they give different spreads. The 75% spread diameter reflects the true diameter of the spread and works at all pattern sizes. It also allows patterns to be re-scaled to see the effect of distance on the pattern. A pattern taken at 30yds might yield a 25" 75% spread diameter. Rescaling the pattern by 10% to a 27.5" 75% spread diameter would show an estimate of the pattern at 33yds. With the Shotgun-Insight software this feature can be used to estimate if the gun is over or under choked for a given distance and pattern plate target.