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What it does . . .

  • Shotgun-Insight was conceived to give shotgun users a tool to analyse shell performance in their particular gun for their particular discipline - just as rifle & pistol shooters match their guns and shells.

  • Relieves (most of) the tedium of having to count pellet holes by hand by automatically counting the pellets from a pattern-plate target.

  • Moves beyond simply counting pellets within the 30" circle or arbitrary segments

    • Highlights gaps in the pattern.

    • Rates shells with a percentage likelihood of hitting the target.

    • Allows analysis of multiple patterns giving an estimate of average performance AND consistency thus allowing comparisons of different makes/types of shell.

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Graphical analysis of individual shots to check for 'blown' patterns where a target can pass through the centre of a pattern . . .



Average data to reveal the underlying trends . . .



Simulate different target distances to see how pattern density varies . . .

(NB. Due to the non-linear rate at which patterns expand with distance, this feature should only be used for small adjustments about the measurement distance.)



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