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  • Cutting-up wallpaper takes time. However, for those who pattern using a frame where the shot can pass clean through the target material, these links to US suppliers may be even better: 'Shotgun Patterning Material', or possibly better still is 48" wide paper from Dick Blick Art Materials. It is low-cost and available mail order - just make sure you are far enough away so the paper does not tear! 

  • The Mysteries of Shotgun Patterns by Oberfell & Thompson is available from

  • Eley Shooter's Diary. Eley Hawk Limited.

  • New Views on Chokes and Patterns. (For some reason it is not always available for download, but you should persevere, it is worth it.) It is an interesting paper that again calls into question long-held beliefs. In summary, it finds that there is not much (if any statistically significant) difference between the average spread of a half-choke and that of a full or extra-full choke. This is contrary to many past references, including the Eley Diary cited above. The paper also shows the variation within a set of nominally identical shells and suggests that several shells should always be analysed, suggesting five as a minimum but ten as preferable. It also touches on the topic of statistical significance.

  • Regression Analysis Applied to Shotgun Range-of-Fire Estimations: Results of a blind study. Authors: Fann CH, Ritter WA, Watts RH, Rowe WF. This is another paper with some relevance to Shotgun-Insight. In summary it says that pattern spread is proportional to distance between target and shooter. This supports the validity of the scale adjust feature of Shotgun-Insight.



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